Legal Translation

Legal Translation

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Since the laws are interconnected with local cultures, legal translations require expertise and information about local cultures. An imprecise legal translation which contains incorrect word groups may cause serious losses for the customers. Therefore, legal documents are translated by our experienced translators who are experts in their fields.

Some of our legal translation works::
Legal dictionary and translation terms
Translation of Agreements
Witness statement translation
Certificate of Conformity Translation
Translation of legal foreign documents
Annual report translation
Legal marketing translation
License Translation
Translation of Registration Certificate
Expert Report Translation
Court File Translation
Arbitration Document Translation/International Law (Common and Civil Legal Judgments)
Law of Contracts
Civil Law
Taxation Law
Property Law
Insurance Law
Criminal Law
Corporation Law
Ticari hukuk

Court decisions, laws and legislations, legal contracts, power of attorneys, patent applications, lawsuit petitions, payment and execution orders, witness statement etc. documents are translated by our professional translators who are experts in their fields.

In all legal translation works, we employ our translators who have comprehensive knowledge of International and Turkish Law.

We can form a team for your large and urgent projects which require fast delivery.

Project Managers are competent in project planning and quality control areas.

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Eurasia Translation
Eurasia Translation


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