Technical and Industrial Translation

Technical and Industrial Translation

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Our professional translators who received higher education and specialized in their fields translate your technical works.

Terminology Creation
One of our competences certifying our quality is our creation of correct terminologies for our sector. As new technologies develop and new products appear in the market, a translator finds a correct terminology using his/her creativity skill. Translators can review current terms and create new terms and terminologies. Terminology creation is generally carried out by expert translators in relevant business or academic sector.

Some of technical works that we translate:
Marine/Ship Engineering
Construction Technology
Mechanical Engineering
Space Technologies
Construction Engineering
Medical (equipment-hardware)
Digital Imaging
Mobile Phone (GSM)
Television (Broadcasting Technology)
Electrical Engineering
Nuclear Power
Science and Physics
Energy Conservation
Liquid Fuel and Gas
Water Treatment

What is Technical Document?
Technical document is a document with technical content prepared by experts who received education in their fields in mechanics, metallurgy, electric, electronic, automotive, automation, construction, agriculture, marine, banking, business management, economy, law, literature, chemistry, medicine, medical and similar fields. Some of technical documents are as follows; Technical Booklets
Operating Instructions
System and Switchboard Processes
ISO 9000/QS 9000 Booklets
Training Manuals
Technical Bulletins
Operating Procedures
Maintenance Information
Electronic Database Files
Marketing Brochures
Corporation Websites

What is Technical Translation?
Technical translation is the translation of the documents with technical content in various subjects to target languages by competent translators who are experts in their fields.

Who should make technical translation?
The translator who translates the document with technical content must have a full command of the technical document to be translated and of the relevant translation language.

If a mechanical engineer who is expert in his/her field has also full command of the target language, then technical translation work becomes perfect. However, if the mechanical engineer who is expert in his/her field doesn't prefer to work as a translator as his/her primary profession, such translation work cannot reach the desired quality level.

If a doctor who is expert in his/her field has also full command of the target language, he/she can make perfect medical translation. However, a doctor can prefer to work as a doctor as his/her primary profession and can also make medical translation in spare times.

As explained above, it is not possible for any translator to make technical translation in every subject even if he/she has a good command of foreign language.

Translators who prefer to make translation as a primary profession must specialize in specific areas to offer high quality translation service and need at least 5 years to specialize in any area. Only translators who are experts in their fields can make high quality translations.
Project Managers are competent in project planning and quality control areas.

How Technical Translation price is determined?
The price for a technical translation depends on the content of the document to be translated. To learn technical translation price, please send us the document to be translated, in whole or in part, and we can send our detailed price quotation.

Automotive Translation Service
Eurasia Translation is a leading translation provider for automotive industry and offers competitive solutions for the manufacturers and retailers.

Technical documents explaining the mechanical and electronic systems, methods and processes in automotive industry used by engineers, technicians, sellers, suppliers and customers are translated to all target languages.

Eurasia Translation has the necessary experience and performance level to maintain the quality standards and deliver the projects in time.
Training Manuals
Maintenance Manuals
Diagnostic Manuals
Instruction For Use
Technical Bulletins
Guarantee Certificates
Electronic Database Files
Marketing Brochures
Corporation Websites

Expert Translators and Terminologies in Automotive Industry
Our translators are duly selected and tested in order to offer qualified translation and editing services for the projects. Expert translators have received engineering education in mechanical engineering, aviation, space, combustion engines, automotive and industrial equipment areas.

All our translators have translation memories, dictionaries and terminologies and all the translation works even in huge projects are correct and consistent. We can form a team for your large and urgent projects which require fast delivery.

Project Managers are competent in project planning and quality control areas.

Quality Procedures
We work for a certified quality procedure based on experience. When necessary, we can adopt additional quality control processes to comply with the customer's work flow process.

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